A Day in Class

It is all about “going back to school” for our students! It will bring back the good memories but also create new ones. Other activities include group exercises, art and music.

It is the “spirit” of connecting with one another and the “heart” of our program to provide our participants with love and a sense of belonging to a group.

Through engaging in activities and learning new things – friendships are easily formed among our group. Both staff and participants leave at the end of the day satisfied and feeling like we’ve all contributed to making a difference!


Suntree Center - School for Seniors
Our curriculum is always mindful of PES (Purpose, Engagement and Socialization) to help our members and staff connect in the learning and sharing process.

School for Seniors provides classes that stimulate the long-term memory and build new ones. 

The Maslow Hierarchy of Needs, a motivational theory — lists vitality, creativity, authenticity, playfulness, and meaningfulness as the highest level of needs – these may be critically missing in the lives of our older adults.


Suntree Center - School for Seniors
Placemats are tools we created to promote engagement along with education. They are also fun and entertaining. You will see us using these placemats in the classroom or they can be used during mealtimes or any other time during the day. 

They also can be used at home and are great conversation starters!

Various placemats cover holidays, the seasons, history, science, nutrition, health and many other topics. 

For more information, please email us at info@SchoolForSeniors.com.